IMGP4921Bryce Peake
PhD Candidate – School of Journalism & Communication
University of Oregon

I am the Julie and Rocky Dixon Doctoral Fellow in Graduate Innovation at Intel Labs, and a PhD Candidate in Media Studies at the University of Oregon. My research and teaching focus on gender, science and technology, and postcolonial sonic culture/s. I am currently writing a manuscript entitled Listening and/as Technology in British Gibraltar: Masculinity, Mass Media Technologies, and the Somatic Politics of Structural Imperialism. This historical ethnography examines the ways in which Gibraltarian men listen to media technologies in ways overdetermined by the history of colonial science and administration, such that their listening practices are product and productive of colonial gender, race, and class antagonisms even after the end of Empire. I have published research on masculinity and noise in Gibraltar, muzak and post-nationalist identity in Gozo, expertise and misogyny on Wikipedia, and the somatic dimensions of “the political” in the Toronto Zombie Walks.  My research has been supported by research and training grants from the Social Science Research Council,  the National Science Foundation, the University of Oregon, and Brandeis University. In my spare summer time, I am a gigging jazz bassist, composer, and arranger.


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