The unseen summer…

So Bryce, what are you doing this summer? 

I’m glad you asked. Here’s the list…
1) Working on publishing both my last summer’s work on Gozitan Soundscapes and this past springs (thesis) work on the phenomenology of being a zombie.
2) Finding a nice camcorder. Something a little more high end than one of those mini flip things. I’d love a Canon GL2… but I also don’t have enough money for that.
3) Moving to Oregon
4) Going to Washington DC for the Smithsonian Internship type thing (June 29-July 25) and writing a collections based research projects on Sioux flutes (see abstract in previous post).
5) Going to Morocco to learn Arabic (August 1 – Sept. 20). I’m also going to try to hang out with artists while I’m there. Maybe even try to shoot an ethnographic film on artistic representations of space/performance of Mediterranean identity. Not sure on this yet, suggestions for field projects would be happily taken and bastardized for my own purposes.
6) Starting Classes at UO (Sept. 29 I think)
Yes, it looks to be an exciting summer. I’m going to spend a lot of time reading, writing, and flying. The other projects I’m going to try to do include:
1) Learn the landscape of UO
2) Start writing paper for Pop Culture Association on Cold War Fetishism in American movies.
3) Cowrite an article with Don Holly at EIU on Johnny Cash and Noble Savage Characterizations in the Red Power Movement.
4) Read a ton of books, alternating one ethnography with one theory/philosophy book. I’ve gotta start reading more ethnography. 
That’s about it. I’m in a planning mood. I’ll post some witty critique soon. Possibly something on Andy Warhol, and the two paintings that are currently up in the Rose Art Museum. 

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