Quick Geeky post on Youtube

So, thinking about the new Youtube geography, I came to a startling realization (NB: Youtube looks like they had a 3 year old design their interface- does someone not believe in framing anymore? how about general aesthetics?). The entire geography has not only changed, but it has also made it impossible for old videos to transcend their video-ed box. What do I mean? Watch some old Youtube Vlogs, and you’ll occasionally see people pointing to the old info box and say ‘click on the info box for more information’. The info is no longer over there. Youtube has put the videoed people back in the box, relatively speaking. The have re-captivated the monkeys that had expanded the media-ecology of participo-centric experience. Of course, new vlogs will merely point down. But, what does this say for future generations? What if there is no longer an info box? What does that mean for old info box referents? Youtube has changed the pointing from iconic to an Dicent Iconic Legisign… will they further transform it into a Rhematic Iconic Legisign? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!? (please note, there is a large amount of sarcasm and satire in this post that is intended as a response to all of those who have academically interpreted the new youtube as some kind of hegemonic subjugation).

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