Letters to Walter Benjamin

Would you blog? What would you blog about, and how often? Would you work to transform the everyday into unanchored debris that begs for interpretation, or would you attack the interpretation as the thing itself? Or, is twitter a more potent parallel to your writing style, as it serves to create ideational spaces than discursive arguments?

Would you use images, and what kind? Is color as it comes from the screen the neo-Kantian given? Or,would your blog exist in the network that is a new nonderivative itself? Is youtube cinema? Does it emphasize that contradictory thought process that you love: the one that claims that photography is revelatory of the deadness of the world, while proposing that the photographicity of cinema exists as a means to innervation and collectivity? Could your blog inspire bodily mimetic behavior, as it reveals the secondness of nature, producing new relationships between the world and us? How would it fight the aestheticization of politics, the one that deadens and kills the potentiality of the beautiful elsewhere? Has capitalism co-opted the emancipation that should have come from the disintegration and dissolving of auras? Or have they simply created a new metaphysical aura that marks, not distance, but closeness? Are those things that are auratic those which we feel without the media penetrating it? Was post humanism meant to be the utopian, and did we overshoot it, or is it on its way? And how would you feel about creative commons?

And what would you do when the Internet disappeared, when it faded into the background? Would you blog about it in your new technology, the book?

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