Where were you on 9/11

Most of the stories on the 10 year anniversary- especially that being posted by ABC News– are kids talking about how that was a day they were ultimately sad, and prayed for the ‘Great Nation’ of America. They were proud to be Americans, and felt as if the country had joined together in mourning with those in New York.

I, on the other hand, was in the back of a high school classroom as the teacher went on about how it was ‘THE JEWS’, because they had been seen “taking gold” from the WTC the day before. He recited this point over and over again, reading conspiracy theory articles from the internet while the clips of the planes crashing into the building played over and over and over. And, it wasn’t the zionists—the political straw man that popular media use to get around being antisemitic, although they assume all of us Jews are zionist. No, it was those people, those Jews.

As a cultural Jew- brought up in a two-faith context- it was my first experience of antisemitism. Direct, unfiltered antisemitism. I was not proud to be an American on 9/11, I was being told I wasn’t one.


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