Gary Smith Award

This is a failed application for an award given by the University of Oregon for professional development unattainable at the University. In many instances, it is given for language training (which is not really professional development, but w/e). My proposal was to receive Adobe certification training for graphic and web design – something not offered at the UO, and which cannot be offered (no one in the department is Adobe certified to my knowledge). This application received a lot of heated debate. From the fellowship coordinator at the graduate school:

Committee members complimented the writing and preparation of your proposal.
· At least one committee member had your application highly ranked, but…
· Others lowered the overall ranking on the grounds that:
1) the training you proposed was perceived to be more “office-professional” than strictly related to your academic pursuits, and
2) they believed that you should be able to find existing coursework at the UO that would provide similar training.